Visualization as a tool for analysis, exploration and communication has become a driving force in the task of unravelling the complex urban fabrics that form our cities. More than half of the world’s citizens are living in urban areas, with steady growth forecast in the years ahead (WHO). The complexity of the processes at work calls for methods and tools to improve understanding of the urban realm and underlying relationships and connections, for all stakeholders from urban planners, decision makers and companies to citizens. Visualization experts around the world are developing and refining new techniques to make these urban processes more transparent and understandable.

So far many projects are hidden in academic publications or within university and company archives. This platform tries to bring together cutting edge visualization projects from around the world, to strengthen the ties between the visualization community and the urban development stakeholders.

If your work touches one of the following topics and you are interested in contributing to the platform, please fill out the form.

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  • Marian Dörk (FH Potsdam)
  • Owen Gaffney (Future Earth)
  • Sebastian Meier (FH Potsdam)

This project is a collaboration between the International Council for Science (ICSU), Future Earth and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP).

The project selection for the Habitat III exhibition is conducted through a review process of an international expert committee:

Program Committee

The international program committee consist of experts from visualization research, urban sciences and communication.

  • Gregor Aisch, New York Times
  • Natalia Andrienko, Fraunhofer Institute AIS
  • Gennady Andrienko, Fraunhofer Institute AIS
  • Lyn Bartram, Simon Fraser University
  • Michael Batty, UCL
  • Maja Brisvall, Quantified Planet
  • Paolo Ciuccarelli, Density Design
  • Catherine D'Ignazio, Emerson College
  • Jason Dykes, City University London
  • Christina Elmer, Spiegel Online
  • Priscila Farias, Universidade de São Paulo
  • Manuela Garreton, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Daniel Gonzalez, HERE
  • Xaquín GV, Guardian
  • Drew Hemment, University of Dundee
  • Dan Hill, Arup
  • Andrew Hill, CartoDB
  • Hendrik Lehmann, Tagesspiegel
  • Ben Lowden, HERE
  • Shannon Mattern, The New School
  • Alan McConchie, Stamen
  • Greg McInerny, Oxford University
  • Timon McPhearson, The New School
  • Rodrigo Medeiros, IFPB
  • Isabel Meirelles, OCAD
  • Benedict Moran, Independent filmmaker and journalist
  • Till Nagel, Hochschule Mannheim
  • Santiago Ortiz, Moebio Labs
  • Bharath M. Palavalli, Fields of View
  • Randy Sargent, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Saskia Sassen, Columbia University
  • Markus Schläpfer, MIT
  • Sofia Seifarth, Norrköping Visualization Center C
  • Moritz Stefaner, Truth & Beauty operator
  • Andrew Vande Moere, KU Leuven
  • Nina Valkanova, CIID
  • Jan Willem Tulp, Tulp Interactive
  • Sarah Williams, MIT
  • Jo Wood, City University London
  • Martin Zaltz Austwick, UCL