The Transparency Project
2016, School of Visual Arts

The Transparency Project

Area: Urban Development Supply chain transparency

Type: Research

Medium: Information Visualization Animation

The Transparency Project is a collaboration between five Design for Social Innovation students and Micromidas, a bioplastic manufacturing company. The aim is to help consumers understand the provenance of plastic packaging including location, materials and stakeholders. We created a relatable, reliable and accessible tool that consumers can use to access information about the supply chain. It includes three elements: an origin sticker on the plastic packaging, a 360 degree video that shows the places and people behind the process, and a website that contains information about the supply chain including the manufacturer, suppliers and their relationship to the consumer, who is in the center.



  • Lopez, Carmen - School of Visual Arts
  • Lopez, Carmen - School of Visual Arts
  • Rainieri, Michael - School of Visual Arts
  • Liang, Siqi - School of Visual Arts
  • Tankal, Eda - School of Visual Arts
  • Wu, JiaJing - School of Visual Arts
  • Smith, Ryan - Micromidas